Flor del Parque | Empresa
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Our Company

Flor del Parque

We cultivate flowers with passion. We have the best tropical flowers and foliages from Colombia to the World.

Flor del Parque SAS is a company with nine years of experience.  Located in Colombia in a zone named “Eje Cafetero” or “Coffee Sector”. We are contributing to the development of the country benefiting the social, the environmental and economic aspects of the region.


We produce and sell tropical flowers and foliages of excellent quality, guaranteeing high quantities of production each year.


We have a high satisfaction level and 90% of our clients still with us since the beginning.

Tropical Flowers Heliconias0%
+9 years of experience0%
We contribute to the development of the country0%



We have a defined and clear process. We have all the traceability of our products. Our practices include Fair Trade and Good Agricultural Practices.

  • 01 Land Preparation

    We prepare the land for the seeding.

  • 02 Seeding

    We sow the seeds carefully

  • 03 Harvest

    We take care and clean the crop so we can Harvest

  • 04 Post Harvest

    When we collect the harvest we clean and prepare the flower.

  • 05 Distribution Export

    With trucks, we distribute the flowers and put them in the place where they are ready to export.

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